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The Valerie Hazelton Dance-Off recognizes the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place finishers in each Open Championship competition. These champions dance two steps of the contrasting hard shoe dance to the one of their championship competition for a three-judge panel. The St. Louis An Samhra Feis awards the winner the Valerie Hazelton Perpetual Trophy, a traveling trophy retained by the dancer until next year's event.

The St. Louis An Samhra Feis proudly salutes our past winners:


2019 Champion

Tessa Kasman - Clark Academy


2016  Gabrielle Huminsky - Trinity School

2014   Abigail Llewellyn - Clarkson School

2013   Isabel Kaiser - Clark Academy

2011    Kaitlin McAlexander - Clarkson School

2010   Andrea Hurst - Clarkson School

2009  Jillian Conrad - Clarkson School

2008  John Godley - Mullane-Healy-O'Brien Academy

2007  Alicia Andersen - Clarkson School

2006  Tara Stone - Norton-Healy Academy

2005  Jennie Richert - Lavin-Cassidy School

2004  Joseph Manning - O'Riada Academy